KickoffLabs API Overview

KickoffLabs helps you create stunning landing pages. Our API allows you to extend that campaign beyond our hosted pages and generate more signups from anywhere.

Learn more about KickoffLabs or get started with our API here...

What can I do with the KickoffLabs API tools?

  • Capture Signups Anywhere

    Don't limit your campaign to a single page. Capture users no matter where they are.

    Add Signup Bar

  • Embed a Custom Experience

    Maybe none of our templates fit your brand. You can still use our tech to capture users!

    Embed the Widget

  • Develop your own campaign!

    Design the customer referral campaign that's right for your product or business.

    Code it Yourself!

How do I get access to the API?

To get started you will need:

  1. A paid KickoffLabs account. You can start with a free trial of any account.
  2. A landing page created on the KickoffLabs account. You may not need the landing page itself, but it's used to store the customer list and you'll need the Landing Page ID.

To access our pre-built widgets...

After you create a landing page scroll down to the KickoffLabs Everywhere section as shown below. From here you can chose one of our widgets and follow your specific setup instructions.

To build a custom experience...

If you'd like to work on the API directly then select API Access to get the landing page ID and your API key. Then you can work from the samples and documentation here.


Who can use this API?

It is available on all landing pages for any paid plan level.

How do I find my landing page id and API key?

They can be found on your page dashboard under API Access

Do you support SSL?

YES! Just add https:// to all your requests.

Can I turn off API access to my page?

Yes, via the API Access option from your landing page dashboard.